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  The Beagle Boys
Name:    The Beagle Boys
Address:    They live in their rather low standard headquarter in Duckburg.
Born:    There exist several generations of the Beagle Boys. There is therefore now exact place or year of birth, but the 3rd generation Beagleboys who where active in the 1950th and the 1960th were probably born in Duckburg.
Died:    There are many members of the Beagle Boys, thus a common year of death did not occur.
First appearance:    1951 in Terror of the Beagle Boys.
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    There exist several generations of Beagle Boys, thus there ain't one particular father.
Mother:    There exist several generations of Beagle Boys, thus there ain't one particular mother.
Siblings:    In each generation some of them are siblings to other members of the family.
Spouse:    Since there are many Beagle Boys there are also many spouses.
Children:    Since Blackheart is the grandpa, he and his children must both have children of their own.
Other close relatives:    Blackheart Beagle (grandpa for the most common of the Beagle Boys).
Occupation:    Unsuccessful thieves and bandits.
Member of:    A "Bandits Association"?
Drives:    Various, most often stolen vehicles.

The name for The Beagle Boys in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Bjørne-Banden
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   De Zware Jongens
Finnish: Karhukopla
French: Les Rapetou
German: Panzerknacker
Italian: La Banda Bassotti
Norwegian: B-gjengen | Knallgutta (early name - not in use).
Portuguese: Irmãos Metralha
Spanish (in Spain): Golfos Apandadores
Swedish: Björnligan
   The Beagle Boys


The Beagle Boys are among Scrooges oldest enemies. Their first meeting with Scrooge was in 1880. It's mentioned by Don Rosa in Lo$, part 2 The Master of the Mississippi. In that story Don Rosa shows that Blackheart Beagle and his sons by then lived in Louisville, Kentusky. At the door of their hideout there was a sign saying: "Danjer! Sekrit hideout of Blackheart Beagle, bludthirsty rivir pyret!". At first they didn't wear masks, that was something that was introduced to them by the bad river boater Porker Hogg, to hide their identity while helping him against Angus and Scrooge.

Later in that story Don Rosa also shows that it was Scrooge that first used the name "The Beagle Boys". At that time The Beagle Boys consisted of Blackheart Beagle and his three brawling sons, apparently the grandfather and fathers of the current Beagle Boys. This means that our Beagle Boys are a group of brothers and cousins.

In The Fantastic River Race from 1959 Barks shows that Blackheart Beagle and his sons once challenged Scrooge and his "Dilly Dollar" to a race against their steamer "River Witch".

In Lo$, part 10 The Invader of Fort Duckburg Don Rosa shows the old Barksian fact that The Beagle Boys moved to "Section 26" at the banks of the Duckburg-river, sometime between 1882 and Scrooges and his sisters arrival in Duckburg in 1902. At that time they tried a new attempt to rob Scrooge, but instead ended up being arrested by US president Teddy Roosevelt himself.

After 1902 it seems that The Beagle Boys stayed away from Scrooge until the Christmas Day in 1947 (showed by Don Rosa in Lo$, part 12 The Richest Duck in the World), from then on they have been a constant plaque for Scrooge.

The Beagle Boys don't use names. Instead they refer to each other by their prison numbers which they wear. Most of the time we only see number plates starting with 176- and ending with those same digits in various order. There are therefore six common Beagle Boys numbers. Of those 176-167, 176-671 and 176-761 are the three most common. In The Giant Robot Robbers Barks shows that 176-167 is the one who love prunes, but according to the modern Egmont - personality guide, 176-167 is the smarter and generally tougher leader of the three, 176-671 is the dumber one who often tends to foul up the plans, and 176-761 is the one with the special liking for prunes.

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