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  The Billionaires Club
Name:    The Billionaires Club
Address:    It's headquarters is located in Duckburg.
Founded:    ?
First appearance:    In 1959 in The Christmas Cha Cha written by Bob Gregory and drawn by Carl Barks.
Created by:    Carl Barks & Bob Gregory
Description:    The Billionaires Club is an organisation for the Duckburg billionaires (and millionaires?). It's richest member is Scrooge McDuck.

The name for The Billionaires Club in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Milliardærklubben
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   De millionaire's club
Finnish: Miljönääriklubi
French: Le club des milliardaires
German: Der Milliardärsklub
Italian: Club dei miliardari
Norwegian: Milliardærklubben
Portuguese: O Clube dos Milionários
Spanish (in Spain): El club de Millonarios
Swedish: Miljardärsklubben
   The Billionaires Club


There is nothing much known about The Billionaires Club. In some stories from other creators than Barks/Rosa both Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold appear in the club. In the Barks/Rosa universe Glomgold would hardly do so because Barks and Rosa have him living in South-Africa. In many Italian stories John D. Rockerduck appear instead of Flintheart Glomgold as Scrooges toughest rival in the Club.

When he once was asked if the Billionaires Club exist in his Duck universe, Don Rosa said: I guess so. I have no objection to it. I don't see how there could be so many billionaires in Duckburg that they could form a club, but maybe there is.

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