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  José "Joe" Carioca
Name:    José "Joe" Carioca
Address:    Vila Xurupita in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Born:    19?? in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died:    ?
First appearance:    1943 in the Disney movie Saludos Amigos.
Created by:    Walt Disney Studios
Introduction to the Barks/Rosa universe:    He was introduced to the Barks/Rosa universe by Don Rosa in 2000 in the story The Three Caballeros ride again.
Father:    Unknown
Mother:    Unknown
Siblings:    He has two nephews, Zico and Zeca, so, we can imagine that he has at least one brother, or sister.
Spouse:    None, but some sources mention a girlfriend called Rosinha ("Little Rose") a.k.a. Aurora
Children:    None
Other close relatives:    Some sources mentiones two nephews Zico and Zeca and a lot off counsins, every one from a specifc region in Brazil:
Zé Paulista (from São Paulo)
Zé Queijinho (from Minas Gerais)
Zé Pampeiro (from Rio Grande do Sul)
Zé de Itu (from a city called "Itu", on the countryside off São Paulo, were everything is "big", including Carioca's cousin)
Zé Baiano (from Bahia)
Zé Jandaia (from the north off the country)
Occupation:    He is an Entertainer. In Brazil, he usually don't do NOTHING! He HATE working!
Member of:    "The Three Caballeros"
Drives:    ?
Other information:    José Carioca was created during World War II as a part of an American campaign to gain goodwill in Latin America. His first name is believed to have been inspired by the popular Brazilian cartoonist José Carlos de Britto e Cunha. His last name, Carioca, is a Brazilian word used to describe a native of Rio de Janeiro. José Carioca has become very popular in Brazil where he is now called for short.

Paul Murry drew his firsts comic strips and after the War he disappeared from the USA .He was reintroduced in Brazil, on the covers off "Pato Donald"during the 50's by Luis Destuet, that came from Argentina to teach the Brazilian drawers how to draw the Disney style. Jorge Jato was the first Brazilian Disney drawer, and the "Zé Carioca"comic came in the 60's. After Kato, Waldyr Igayara carried the first Carioca comics. Later Herrero, Renato Canini, Cláudio de Souza, Elí Leon, Euclides Miyaura, Arthur Faria Jr, Fukue, Paulo Borges, Aluir Amâncio, Gérson Borlotti Teixeira, Aparecido Norberto, Átila de Carvalho and lot's off others Brazilian writters and drawers have carried the Carioca's Brazilian comics up today. The best off all: Renato Canini, that draws the most cartooning, and the most realistic Zé Carioca off all!.

The name for José "Joe" Carioca in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: José Carioca
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Joe Carioca
Finnish: José Carioca
French: José Carioca
German: José Carioca
Italian: José Carioca
Norwegian: José Carioca
Portuguese (in Brazil): Zé Carioca (also José Carioca)
Spanish (in Spain): José Carioca
Swedish: José Carioca
   José "Joe" Carioca


In 1945 José "Joe" Carioca formed the trio "The Three Caballeros" together with his good friends Panchito and Donald Duck. In the late 1950's he appeared in Mexico where he worked as an entertainer and looked for pretty women. During those days "The three caballeros" were reunited.

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