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   The Coot kin

Name:    The Coot kin
Origin:    Don Rosa says: "The Coots were in America for many years... I guess they came over on the Mayflower or to Jamestown. But there could be other nationalities mixed in by the time of Cornelius Coot, so it would have to be said that that branch of the family is "melting-pot" American."
Known since:    1818. By then Cornelius Coot came to Fort Drakeborough.
First known member of the family:    Cornelius Coot (Around 1790 - around 1880), the founder of Duckburg.
First family member to appear:    Grandma Duck in 1940/1943.
First family member created by:    Al Taliaferro

The name for Coot in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Familien Blisand
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Prul tak
Finnish: Ankanpään suku
French: Les cousind Ecoutum
German: Familie Erpel | Die Erpel-Sippe | Erpel Linie
Italian: La famiglia Coot
Norwegian: Kvakk-slekten
Portuguese: Família Patus
Spanish (in Spain): La familia Coot | La familia Palomino
Swedish: Släkten Knös
   The Coot kin


The Coots are known from 1818 when Cornelius Coot came to Fort Duckburg. After taking over the fort from the fleeing Englishmen and scaring the Spanish attackers with popping popcorn, he founded the modern Duckburg. According to Don Rosa the Coots owned most of the land in the Duckburg area until most of it was bought by Scrooge McDuck in the early 20th century. Other important members of the family are; Clinton Coot who founded The Junior Woodchucks, Casey Coot who sold Scrooge McDuck the ground where he built his Money Bin, and Casey's sister Elvira "Grandma" Duck who's son Quackmore Duck was married to Scrooge McDuck's sister Hortense McDuck.

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