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  Cornelius Coot
Name:    Cornelius Coot
Address:    Since 1818 he used to live in or near Duckburg, perhaps in the farm later owned by Grandma Duck. It is still unknown where he lived before his arrival to Duckburg in 1818, but since he was a hunter, he may have moved around a bit.
Born:    Ca. 1790 in ?
Died:    1880 in Duckburg?
First appearance:    1952, in Statuesque Spendthrifts.
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    Unknown
Mother:    Unknown
Siblings:    Unknown
Spouse:    Unknown
Children:    Clinton Coot (son)
Other close relatives:    The Coot Kin
Occupation:    He used to be a hunter. Later he became the founder of Duckburg.
Member of:    He seems to have been a member (and perhaps the first leader) of the Woodchuck Militia
Drives:    He probably had a horse and carrier.

The name for Cornelius Coot in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Kornelius Blisand
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Cornelis Prul
Finnish: Julle Ankanpää
French: Cornelius Ecoutum
German: Emil Erasmus Erpel
Italian: Cornelius Coot
Norwegian: Kornelius Kvakk. Sometimes his name has wrongly been translated to Kornelius And or Gaius Gakkus.
Portuguese: Cornélio Patus
Spanish (in Spain): Cornelius Coot | Cornelio Palomino
Swedish: Cornelius Knös
   Cornelius Coot


In hope of doing a good trade with the British, Cornelius Coot - by then a hunter, arrived Fort Drake Borough in 1818. While staying in the fort the British garrison were attacked by Spanish troops who tried to conquer it. During the battle the British forces gave the fort over to Cornelius so that they could escape without risking to be sent back by their king. Afterwards Cornelius succeeded to frighten the Spanish troops away by a trickery with some popping popcorn. Shortly after he renamed the place "Duckburg". To defend the area from all kind of enemies he later founded the Woodchuck Militia.

There is as of yet not much known about what happened to Cornelius after this. In The Day Duckburg Got Dyed / Gyro's Super-Dye Carl Barks tell us that once Cornelius Coot piped mountain water to Duckburg, and in Guardians of the Lost Library, Don Rosa shows that  Cornelius also revealed the secrets of the fort - like the secret room with the lost library. There he found the box that contained the essence of the ancient library of Alexandria. At some later point he passed that stuff overt to his son Clinton Coot.

There are yet not much known about Cornelius Coot's origin. What is known though, is that the Coots had already been in America for a long time at the time of Cornelius Coot. The first Coots in America probably came over on the Mayflower or to Jamestown. Don Rosa has once described the Coots as "melting-pot" American.

Twice, in Statuesque Spendthrifts from 1952 and in The Day Duckburg Got Dyed / Gyro's Super-Dye from 1957 Barks shows that the city of Duckburg still honour his memory by erecting monuments.

When asked why he did not give Cornelius Coot a wife in his Duck Family Tree, Don Rosa says: "I treated Cornelius the same way as the early ancestors on all 3 Trees. Notice that only the characters who appear in the upper branches have fully defined family relationships, and there is no room left for additions. The characters shown on the trunk are simply ancestors and there are many other possible relatives in those areas. Still, I don't think there were any other sons or daughters of Cornelius other than Clinton. And in American pioneer spirit, I'd say that the wife that Cornelius took was probably an Indian squaw... and I doubt if they were married."

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