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  Della Duck
Name:    Della Duck. Don Rosa says it's very plausible that her twin-brother Donald nicknamed her "Dumbella" in their young years.
Address:    Unknown, but she don't live in Duckburg.
Born:    Ca. 1920 in Duckburg?
Died:    ?
First appearance:    On October 17th, 1937 in the Donald Duck newspaper "Sunday page". There she's mentioned by name in a letter where she told Donald that she had sent Huey, Dewey and Louie to stay with him. That letter was signed "you cousin Della". In The early 1950s she was presented in Carl Barks' Duck Family Tree as Donald's sister (then called Thelma Duck). In 1993 she appeared in person (as a little child) in Lo$ part XI - The Empire Builder from Calisota. The same year she was also shown as adult in "Don Rosa's Duck Family Three".
Created by:    Ted Osborne, Al Taliaferro, Carl Barks, Don Rosa
Father:    Quackmore Duck
Mother:    Hortense McDuck
Siblings:    Donald Duck (twin-brother)
Spouse:    His name is unknown, but Don Rosa says that he is a brother of Daisy Duck.
Children:    Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (sons).
Other close relatives:    Scrooge McDuck (uncle)
Member of:    ?
Occupation:    Unknown
Drives:    Unknown

The name for Della Duck in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Della And
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Dumbella Duck
Finnish: Della Ankka
French: Della Duck
German: Della Duck
Italian: Della Duck
Norwegian: Della Duck
Portuguese: Dumbela (in Brazil).
Spanish (in Spain): Della Pato
Swedish: Dumbella "Della" Anka
   Della Duck


Born ca. 1920 as one of two twins. Daughter of $crooge McDuck's sister Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck, son of Elvira "Grandma" Duck and her husband Humperdink Duck. Della Duck thus is a descendant from both the Clan McDuck and the Coots.

In 1930 or some time later, she left Duckburg, probably together with her parents. In a young age (around 18-20 years) she married a brother of Daisy Duck with whom she got the triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie. The kids showed a really wild behaviour and when they finally blown a firecracker underneath their fathers chair (and thus sending him to hospital) Della sent them to her brother Donald who was by then living in Duckburg.

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