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  Elvira "Grandma Duck" Coot
Name:    Elvira "Grandma Duck" Coot (some times called "Elviry")
Address:    She lives atThe Duck-farm at the country-side outside Duckburg, together with her grand-nephew Gus Goose.
Born:    Ca. 1855 in Duckburg?
Died:    Before 1970 in Duckburg?
First appearance:    1940, on a picture on Donald's wall.
1943, in person.
Created by:    Al Taliaferro, with his mother-in-law, Donnie M. Wheaton, as the inspiration.
Father:    Clinton Coot
Mother:    Gertrude Gadwall
Siblings:    Casey Coot (brother)
In some European stories Uncle Scrooge has wrongly been presented as her brother.
Spouse:    Humperdink Duck
Children:    Quackmore Duck (son)
Daphne Duck (daughter)
Either Duck (son)
Other close relatives:    Gus Goose (grand nephew)
Occupation:    Housemother and farmer.
Member of:    ?
Drives:    An old Detroit Electric, sometimes she also drives a tractor.

The name for Grandma Duck in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Bedstemor (Andrea) And
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Oma Duck
Finnish: Mummo (Kaino-Vieno) Ankka
French: Grand-Mère Donald | Elvire Ecoutum
German: Oma Duck | Dorette Duck
Italian: Nonna Papera
Norwegian: Bestemor (Anna) Duck
Portuguese: Vovó Donalda
Spanish (in Spain): La Abuela Pato
Swedish: Farmor (Elvira Augusta) Anka
   Elvira "Grandma Duck" Coot


Born ca. 1855 in Duckburg? as the oldest of two siblings. She was sometime around 1873-1875 married to Humperdink Duck. They lived at a farm outside Duckburg. Together they had 3 children, Quackmore, Daphne and Either. They used to be called Mother and Father Duck, later that changed, off natural causes, to Grandma and Grandpa Duck.

Some time after Scrooge McDuck first appeared in Duckburg in 1902 she sold him most of her land except for the farm.

At some point after 1920 her husband Humperdink died and left her a widow. After that she ran the farm by herself. At some point her brother Casey's daughter's son Gus Goose started to "help" her at the farm.

Grandma Duck is in many ways the head of the Duck-family. She is normally the one who arranges the family's Christmas celebrations and she's known as an excellent cook with pies as one of many specialities.

Grandma Duck died in Duckburg? before 1970 at a very high age.

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