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  The Helper
Name:    The Helper
Address:    He stays together with Gyro Gearloose in a house or perhaps in Gyro's workshop in Duckburg.
Constructed:    1952 in Duckburg.
First appearance:    1956 in The Cat Box.
Created by:    Carl Barks
Description:    He (it) is a kind of microbot.
Invented by:    Gyro Gearloose with some help from Donald Duck.
"Siblings":    Gyro once made a big helper.
Occupation:    He (it) is Gyro Gearlooses' mechanical helping hand.

The name for The Helper in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Lille Hjælper
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Lampje
Finnish: Pikku Apulainen
French: Filament
German: Helferlein
Italian: Edi
Norwegian: Lille Hjelper
Portuguese: Lampadinha
Spanish (in Spain): Lamparita/Chispa/Edy
Swedish: Medhjälpare
   The Helper


In Gyro's First Invention Don Rosa shows that the Helper was constructed in 1952. He is built out of a lamp previous owned by Donald Duck. Some mysterious way the lamp became alive and intelligent when Donald accidentally hit Gyro in his head with it so that Gyro's head hit his unfinished mindbox. Later Gyro gave the main part of the lamp mechanical legs and arms so that it could be able to cross obstacles. To avoid vibrations while moving it was also equipped with dolls shoes (The same type Gyro had previously done for April, May and June), and finally Donald put on a light-bulb so that it could light up it's surroundings.

Don Rosa also shows that the Helpers first mission was to enter the badger's hole where $crooge previously (in the Barks classic A Christmas For Shacktown) used a toy-train to get back his money.

In The Duck Who Never Was. Don Rosa indicates that the Helper needs some kind of maintenance from Gyro to function. In some stories by Barks, the Helper switches his light-bulb himself, so this necessary maintenance is probably some kind of energy-transmission.

In The Once and Future Duck Don Rosa shows that the Helper was the one that drew King Arthur's sword "Excalibur" out of the stone.

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