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  Hortense McDuck
Name:    Hortense McDuck
Address:    After leaving Scotland she lived in Duckburg at least until 1930. What happened to her after that is of yet unknown. Since Donald is the only family member shown in histories covering the period after 1930 one can assume that she and the rest of the family, left Duckburg some time after leaving Scrooge in 1930. Perhaps she and her husband Quackmore live at the same place as their daughter Della and her husband.
Born:    1876 in Glasgow, Scotland?
Died:    19??
First appearance:    The early 1950s in Carl Barks' Duck Family Tree (by name).
1991 in Lo$ part I - The last of the Clan McDuck (in person).
Created by:    Carl Barks / Don Rosa
Father:    Fergus McDuck
Mother:    Downy O'Drake
Siblings:    Scrooge McDuck (brother)
Matilda McDuck (sister)
Spouse:    Quackmore Duck
Children:    Donald Duck (son)
Della Duck (daughter)
Other close relatives:    Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (grandsons)
Occupation:    We don't know much about her, but it seems that she often worked for her brother $crooge in her younger days. Later on she probably was a house-mother.
Member of:    ?
Drives:    She has never been seen driving any vehicle, perhaps her housband Quackmore handled the driving?

The name for Hortense Mc Duck in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Hortensia von And
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Hortensia Duck
Finnish: Hortensia MacAnkka
French: Hortense Picsou
German: Dortel Duck
Italian: Ortensia McDuck
Norwegian: Lillegull McDuck
Portuguese: Hortência (in Brazil).
Spanish (in Spain): Hortensia McPato
Swedish: Hortensia von Anka
   Hortense McDuck


Hortense McDuck was born in Glasgow, Scotland? in 1876 as the youngest of three siblings. She was thus a very young child when her 9 years older brother Scrooge left Scotland for America. But even then she had developed her image - a somewhat wild mood. So when Scrooge got a horse with a wild temper in America he named it after her.

In 1902 she left Scotland and went to America together with the rest of her siblings. On her way to America she dreamt about meeting nice American cowboys. When the McDucks first arrived in Duckburg she was a bit disappointed that there were no cowboys there. Soon after her arrival in Duckburg she however met Quackmore Duck (a descendant of The founder of Duckburg, Cornelius Coot) with a temper very similar to her own. In The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut Don Rosa shows that she was still very interested in "cowboys" during her, Scrooges and Matildas stay in Panama in 1906. In the beginning of Lo$ part XI - The Empire-Builder from Calisota that takes place in 1908 Don Rosa shows that she and Quackmore Duck were engaged. They finally were married some years later.

In The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff and in The Dutchman's Secret Don Rosa shows that Hortense used to paste photos, etc. into some photo books.

From 1902 to 1930 she and Matilda worked for Scrooge. Around 1908 while Scrooge was abroad they hired Miss Emily Quackfaster as Scrooges new secretary.

When Scrooge finally returned to Duckburg in 1930 she and the rest of the family prepared for nice reunion, but because of Scrooges unpleasant behaviour when he returned she, and the rest of the family left him...

Whatever happened to Hortense, Quackmore and their kids after that incident is for the mostly unknown. What we know is that Donald appeared in Duckburg in the 1940's and that Della lived elsewhere.

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