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  Killmotor Hill
Name:    Killmotor Hill
Location:    Killmotor Hill is located in, Duckburg.
First appearance:    1951 in The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill.
Created by:    Carl Barks
Description:    It is the hill on where Sir Francis Drake built his Fort Drake Borough in 1579 and where Scrooge McDuck raised his Money Bin in 1902.

The name for Killmotor Hill | Killmule Hill in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Bilbremsebakken | Hestebremsebakken
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Autograf Heuvel | Ossegraf Heuvel
Finnish: Rahasäiliökukkula(Which means "Money bin hill". In the Finnish edition the hill didn't have a particular name before 1902).
French: Killmotor | Killmule
German: Glatzenkogel (In the German edition the name wasn't changed in 1902).
Italian: Collina Ammazzamotori | Collina Ammazzamuli
Norwegian: Daudbilbakken | Daudhestbakken
Spanish (in Spain): Colina Motormata | Colina Mulamata
Swedish: Tomtebacken (In the Swedish edition the name wasn't changed in 1902).
   Killmotor Hill


Killmotor Hill has been a very central place during the entire history of Duckburg, In 1579  Sir Francis Drake built his fort on top of the hill which at one point was named "Killmule Hill". When it comes to the origin of the old name of the hill, "Killmule Hill", Don Rosa says: Barks named the hill that the Money Bin sits on as "Killmotor Hill" in the story where he first used the Money Bin. I decided in the "Life of $crooge" that it must have had a different name in the 18th and 19th centuries before they invented cars.

In 1902 Scrooge McDuck tried to drive his car to the top of the hill, but that effort was too much for the car's motor and it stopped. Immediately after that incident Humperdink Duck renamed the hill and gave it its present name. During a period of six months the same year Scrooge raised his Money Bin on the hill.

A more detailed presentation of the history of Duckburg is found at: The lives and times in Duckburg.

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