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  Magica De Spell
Name:    Magica De Spell
Address:    She lives at Mt. Vesuvio, Italy together with her black raven.
Born:    Unknown
Died:    ?
First appearance:    1961 in The Midas Touch
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    Unknown
Mother:    Unknown
Siblings:    Unknown
Spouse:    None
Children:    None
Other close relatives:    Unknown
Occupation:    She's a sorceress.
Member of:    Sometimes she seems to be a member of an association for witches and sorcerers.
Drives:    She flies a broom.

The name for Magica De Spell in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Hexia de Trick
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Zwarte Magica
Finnish: Milla Magia
French: Miss Tick
German: Gundel Gaukeley
Italian: Amelia
Norwegian: Magica fra Tryll
Portuguese: Maga Patalójika (Often misspelled as "Maga Patalogika").
Spanish (in Spain): Mágica
Swedish: Magica de Hex
   Magica De Spell


Ever since Magica for the very first time, walked into Scrooges office in 1961, Scrooges first dime has been in the utmost danger. The reason for this is that Magica all the time tries to steal the dime in order to melt it, and create an amulet that she expects will make her the richest person in the world.

In Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies from 1991 Don Rosa shows that the very first meeting between Magica and Scrooge took place in Glasgow in 1877 at the moment Scrooge earned his first coin. This happened because Magica used a time candle to go back in time.

When it comes to the question if Magica is a witch or a sorceress Don Rosa says: "I (and Egmont-editor Byron Erickson) regard Magica as a totally normal "human being" who dabbles in sorcery using spells and potions, but has no supernatural abilities of her own without such tools. That was Barks' original version."

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