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  The McVipers
Name:    The McVipers
Origin:    They lived around in the Western half of the USA. Their origin however seems to be Scottish since Don Rosa describe them as "...the McViper Clan..."
Known since:    In Lo$ part 3  - The Buckaroo of the Badlands, Don Rosa shows that Scrooge first met The McVipers in the Badlands in 1882.
First appearance:    1965 in Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad.
Created by:    Carl Barks

The name for The McVipers in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Sjakal-SlŠnget
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Mcstropers
Finnish: Vilppulat
French: Le clan de Mac Vipère
German: Die Brantewiens
Italian: Fratelli Mc Viper
Norwegian: Skumlerudbanden
Spanish (in Spain): El clan McVibora
Swedish: Lömskelinare
   The McVipers


The McVipers is a family of western outlaws who have given $crooge trouble in various stories by Barks and Rosa. The first time they made trouble for Scrooge was in Montana in 1882, when they stole cattle from Scrooge's (by then) boss Murdo MacKenzie.

Other times they made trouble for Scrooge was in the gold-rush town Goldopolis, Nevada. First when they shot a hole in Scrooge's hat in 1908 and finally when the last of them tried to scare Scrooge and his nephews with false ghosts in 1965.

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