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  John D. Rockerduck
Name:    John D. Rockerduck
Address:    He lives in Duckburg.
Born:    From Lo$, part 4 The Raider of the Copper Hill it seems that John must have been born sometime in the second half of the 1870's. In Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies Don Rosa shows that his father Howard Rockerduck looked for girls in Glasgow in 1877 and that he returned to the USA without success. This means that his father probably, was still single at that time. He must however have married soon after. John is thus probably born around 1878 in the USA.
Died:    19??
First appearance:    1961 in Boat Buster
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    Howard Rockerduck
Mother:    Unknown
Siblings:    Unknown
Spouse:    None
Children:    None
Other close relatives:    Unknown
Occupation:    He is a business man with a rather low morale.
Member of:    He is a member of the Billionaires Club in Duckburg.
Drives:    Various?. Most of the time he has a chauffeur.

The name for John D. Rockerduck in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Andy Anderbilt
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Leopold Kwartjesvinder | Klaas Klever | Rockerduck
Finnish: Kroisos Pennonen
French: Crésus Flairsou | John Flairsou (In Lo$).
German: Klaas Klever
Italian: Rockerduck
Norwegian: Rikerud (Rockerduck and John D. Grynesen has also been used).
Portuguese: Patacôncio
Spanish (in Spain): Pato Rocker | Rockerduck
Swedish: Von Pluring | Pontus von Pluring (rare, not in use)
   John D. Rockerduck


The Duckburg billionaire John D. Rockerduck doesn't appear often in the stories of Barks and Rosa, but he has become a major character in the Italian Duck Universe. Don Rosa has shown that the very first meeting between Rockerduck and Scrooge took place in Anaconda, Montana in 1885. In a comment about this Don Rosa says:

"In my story I try to show Rockerduck as being quite different from $crooge (and Flintheart Glomgold, for that matter) in that he inherited all his wealth rather than working for it like $crooge and Flinty. I also make John a few years younger than $crooge so that I can further insult him by having his own father, Howard Rockerduck, be one of the long line of mentors from whom $crooge gains advice in the course of my series."

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