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  Scrooge McDuck
Name:    Scrooge McDuck. In USA his first name is often written with a dollar-sign in it so it becomes $crooge.
Address:    In the stories of Carl Barks and Don Rosa he seems to live in his Money Bin at the top of Killmotor Hill in the centre of Duckburg. However, in the period 1942-1947 he lived in a big, rather luxurious house in Duckburg.
Born:    1867 in Glasgow, Scotland?
Died:    1967 in Duckburg?
First appearance:    1947 in
Christmas On Bear Mountain.
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    Fergus McDuck
Mother:    Downy O'Drake
Siblings:    Matilda McDuck (sister)
Hortense McDuck (sister)
In some European stories Grandma Duck has wrongly been presented as his sister.
Spouse:    None. He used to have some feelings for Glittering Goldie.
Children:    None
Other close relatives:    Donald Duck (nephew)
Occupation:    Business Man, in his earlier days he worked as a cowboy, a gold-prospector, etc.
Member of:    The billionaire's Club in Duckburg and perhaps also an Adventurer's Club.
Drives:    Various? Most of the time he has a chauffeur.

The name for Uncle Scrooge / Scrooge Mc Duck in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Onkel Joakim /
Joakim von And
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Oom Dagobert /
Dagobert Duck
Finnish: Roope-Set /
Roope Ankka
French: Oncle Picsou /
Balthazar Picsou
German: Onkel Dagobert /
Dagobert Duck
Italian: Zio Paperone /
Paperon de Paperoni
Norwegian: Onkel Skrue /
Skrue McDuck
Portuguese: Tio Patinhas /
Patinhas Mc Pato | Patinhas Mc Patinhas
Spanish (in Spain): To Gilito /
Gil Pato
Swedish: Farbror Joakim /
Joakim von Anka
   Scrooge McDuck
This image is a fan drawing Don Rosa once did for Piikkis!.


Born 1867 in Glasgow, Scotland? In Back To Long Ago! Barks shows that Scrooge seems to be the rebirth of the 16th century sea captain Matey McDuck.

The richest Duck in the world. One might say that if Cornelius Coot was the founder of the 19th century town called Duckburg, Scrooge McDuck was indeed the founder of the 20th century city with the same name. Since he owns 99% of the city it has in practice become "McDuckburg".

Scrooge earned his first dime as a 10 year old in 1877. 3 years later in 1880, he left for America as a 13 year old. In 1898, after a lot of adventures he finally ended up in Klondike. There he found a golden rock at the size of a goose egg. The next year he reached his first $1.000.000 and bought the deed for Killmule Hill from Casey Coot, the son of Clinton Coot and grandson of Cornelius Coot.

He finally ended up in Duckburg in 1902. After some dramatic events where he faced both the Beagle Boys and president Roosevelt and his "Rough Riders" at the same time, he teared down the rest of the old fort Duckburg and raised his famous Money Bin at the same site.

In the years to follow, Uncle Scrooge travelled all around the world in order to increase his fortune. During these and his previous travels he learned a lot of different languages from all parts of the world. Meanwhile his family ran the Money Bin. Ca. 1908 Miss Emily Quackfaster was hired as Scrooges secretary.

When Scrooge finally returned to Duckburg in 1930 he found himself the richest man in the world. He had however changed. The new $crooge McDuck was tough and hostile toward his surroundings. Thus his own family left him.

In 1942 McDuck closed down his empire and retired to a big house totally unlike his previous (and later) style, in Duckburg.

On Christmas day in 1947 he finally met his nephew Donald Duck again together with the grand nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. In the next 20 years to follow he and his nephews experienced more great adventures than ever before.

After returning to public life in 1947 Uncle Scrooge has also fought an endless struggle to keep his fortune and to remain the richest man in the world. After 1947 The Beagle Boys have constituted a continuous threat to his fortune and counter-parts as Flintheart Glomgold and Rockerduck have tried all kind of tricks to pass old Scrooge in wealth and success. In addition to this the Italian witch Magica De Spell has since ca. 1960 chased Scrooges number one dime without any success. So far Scrooge has succeeded well in his struggle, but there is never much time to rest before the next battle...

According to Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge died in 1967 a 100 years old, from still unknown causes.

In an interview with the Norwegian "Aftenposten" from 1992 Don Rosa says that "in the beginning Scrooge earned his existence to his nephew Donald, but that has changed and today it's Donald that earns his existence to Scrooge" and he also says that this is one of the reasons why he is so interested in Scrooge.

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