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  Soapy Slick
Name:    Soapy Slick
Address:    Dawson City in Yukon, Canada.
Born:    18?? in the USA?
Died:    19??
First appearance:    1965 in North of the Yukon
Created by:    Carl Barks
Father:    Unknown
Mother:    Unknown
Siblings:    Unknown
Spouse:    Unknown, he however seems to be alone.
Children:    Unknown
Other close relatives:    Unknown
Occupation:    He used to give loans with high interests later he also started with casinos, gambling and traffic the river.
Member of:    ?
Drives:    He is seen driving a sled pulled by dogs. He also travels with his own riverboats.

The name for Soapy Slick in some other languages:

Language:     Name:
Danish: Luskhans
Dutch (in the Netherlands):   Gerrit Gladsnuit
Finnish: Petkunperä
French: Soapy Slick | Lardo
German: Schandy Schofel
Italian: Soapy Slick
Norwegian: Sleipe Simon | Simon Slikk (G.Glatt has also been used)
Portuguese: Porcolino Leitão (in Brazil).
Spanish (in Spain): Siniestro Artero | Prestón
Swedish: Kufe Knyck
   Soapy Slick


Nothing is known about Soapy Slick's life before his first meeting with Scrooge in 1896, in Skagway, Alaska. By then Soapy Slick gave loans to poor gold-prospectors. Because of a current lack of money Scrooge had to take a loan with a 10% interest per month. However Slick managed to change that into 100% per month. Just as Slick fooled Scrooge, the news about the gold rush in Klondike reached Skagway and Slick immediately left for Dawson in Yukon, Canada.

In Dawson, Slick continued to give loans, but he also extended his business by starting a casino and finally also a casino boat. The casino boat was however destroyed for unknown reasons. Immediately after the destruction of the casino boat, Scrooge delivered Slick to the riding police together with proofs of his illegal business. The police said that because of his criminal behaviour Slick was unwanted in Canada. However it seems that he continued to stay in Dawson or just left it for a short time.

When Scrooge returned to repay his loan, Slick first refused to sign a receipt, but after being knocked in his stomach by Scrooge (who had filled his gloves with gold dust) he changed his mind and signed it.

At least two times later Slick and Scrooge met again. Once, in North of the Yukon by Barks, where Slick tried to fool Scrooge for his fortune after reading an article about Scrooge in a magazine. However Scrooge had kept his receipt and after some dramatic events he managed to prove that. Another time, in The Last Sled to Dawson by Don Rosa, Slick tried to reach Scrooges lost sled before Scrooge, but he failed again.

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