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Killmotor Hill through the times


A friendly introduc(k)tion to the history of Duckburg.

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Chapter I

Chapter I

A settlement called Drake Borough

The history of Duckburg until 1818

The history of Duckburg from Sir Francis Drake's discovery of Nova Albion in 1579 until the arrival of Cornelius Coot in 1818.

Including a biography on: Sir Francis Drake.

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Chapter II

Chapter II

The foundation of Duckburg

The history of Duckburg 1818

The history of how Cornelius Coot in 1818 took over Fort Drake Borough from the British, scared the Spanish by trickery and founded Duckburg.

Including a biography on: Cornelius Coot.

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Chapter III

Chapter III

The town of the Coots

The history of Duckburg 1818 - 1902

The history of Duckburg from the foundation in 1818 until the arrival of $crooge McDuck in 1902.

Including a biography on: Clinton Coot.

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Chapter IV

Chapter IV

The charge-up Killmotor Hill

The history of Duckburg 1902

The history of $crooge McDuck's arrival in Duckburg and the charge up Killmotor Hill by the Rough Riders.

Including a biography on: Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

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Chapter V

Chapter V

The new home for $crooge McDuck

The history of Duckburg 1902 - 1947

The history of Duckburg from after the charge up Killmotor Hill in 1902 until McDuck's return to public life on Christmas day in 1947.

Including a biography on: $crooge McDuck.

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Chapter VI

Chapter VI

The return of Scrooge McDuck

The history of Duckburg 1948 - 1951

The history of Duckburg from Scrooge McDuck's return to the public life in Duckburg until the great McDuck calamity.

Including a biography on: Donald Duck.

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Chapter VII

Chapter VII

The 1950's

The history of Duckburg 1952 - 1959

Epic events in Duckburg in the 1950's.

Including a biography on: Gyro Gearloose.

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Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII

The 1960's

The history of Duckburg 1960 - 1967

Epic events in Duckburg in the 1960's.

Including Don Rosa's views on continuity.

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Chapter IX

Chapter IX (Epilogue)

The dawn of a new age

Duckburg after 1967

Some speculations on the history of Duckburg after the death of $crooge McDuck in 1967.

Including a biography on: Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck.

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Short list of events:

A short list of events in the history of Duckburg.

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Sources for the history of Duckburg:

A complete list of all sources used to write these pages.

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My greatest thanks goes to:
Don Rosa for kindly answering my questions, and to Mike Schneiderath (Germany)
and Thomas Lauritsen (Denmark) for their very kind help with scans and information.

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