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   Lo$ part 1: The Last of the Clan McDuck

Story code: D 91308

Publisher: Egmont

First Published: August 1992

Pages: 15 (one intro-page + 14 pages)

Versions: Single-part version only

Plot and story: Don Rosa

Art and ink: Don Rosa

Story-type: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck, Chapter 1

Chronology: This story takes place in the period 1877-1880.

Characters: Scrooge McDuck | Fergus McDuck | Downy O'Drake (1st appearance) | Matilda McDuck | Hortense McDuck | Jake McDuck | Sir Quackly McDuck (as a ghost) | Hugh "Seafoam" McDuck (mentioned) | The clan McDuck | The Whiskervilles

Locations: Glasgow (Scotland) | Dismal Downs

D.U.C.K.-dedication: The dedication is written on a wad of bills sticking from the money pile.

Den siste av McDuck-klanen
  • DD&Co 43/1992, extra #10 (c)
  • Skrue Mc Duck's liv og levnet (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (January 2007)
  • DD&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3 (c)

  • Denmark
    Den sidste von And
  • AA&Co 33/1992, extra (c)
  • Joakim von And - Her er dit liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (February 2007)
  • AA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3 (c)

  • Sweden
    Den siste av klanen von Anka
  • Joakim von Anka, Farbror Joakims Liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (March 2007)
  • KA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3 (c)

  • Comments:

    Scrooge earns his first dime and scares the Whiskerwilles so that they flee Dismal Downs, before he in the end goes to America.

    Don Rosa's own comments about this story can be read at Dan Shane's great The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck pages.

    Interesting facts:

    The two first chapters of Lo$ were published in an extra enclosure to DD&Co in Norway and AA&Co in Denmark. Such extra magazines are very seldom enclosed with KA&Co in Sweden, so the two first chapters were actually skipped in Sweden, leaving chapter 3 as the first part of the saga. The first two chapters were eventually also published in Sweden in the 1997 hardcover book.

    Don Rosa did a special cover for the Norwegian news-paper Aftenposten's Saturday-magazine "A-Magasinet" #43/1992 which also included a large article/interview with Don Rosa about the Lo$ series.

    Note: The interior of the McDuck Castle, as seen in this story, is inspired by the interior of Camelot as seen in a 1942-strip of the comic classic "Prince Valiant in the days of King Arthur" by Harold R. Foster.

    "Scandinavian Index"

    "Scandinavian Cover Index"

    Prince Valiant
    The interior of Camelot in "Prince Valiant in the days of King Arthur"
    by Harold R. Foster. Page 290 (August 30th 1942), panel 4.

    A Matter of Some Gravity
    The interior of The McDuck castle in "The Last of The Clan McDuck", page 10, panels 5-6.

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