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   Lo$ part 3: The Buckaroo of the Badlands

Story code: D 92008

Publisher: Egmont

First Published: November 1992

Pages: 15

Versions: Single-part version only

Plot and story: Don Rosa

Art and ink: Don Rosa

Story-type: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck, Chapter 3

Chronology: This story takes place in the period 1882-1883.

Characters: Scrooge McDuck | Hortense (Scrooge's horse | 1st appearance) | The McVipers | Fergus McDuck | Downy O'Drake | Matilda McDuck | Hortense McDuck | Frank & Jesse James | Theodore Roosevelt | Murdo MacKenzie (Scrooge's boss)

Locations: Onboard a Train (Kansas) | Chisholm Trail (Kansas) | Montana | Badlands (Dakota)

D.U.C.K.-dedication: The dedication isn't hard to find, though it's sorta hidden by the dark coloring. It's carved into the pistol grip.

Badlands ukronte konge
  • DD&Co 47/1992
  • Skrue Mc Duck's liv og levnet (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (January 2007)
  • DD&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Denmark
    Præriens bedste and
  • AA&Co 45/1992
  • Joakim von And - Her er dit liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (February 2007)
  • AA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Sweden
    Vagabonden i vilda västern
  • KA&Co 47/1992
  • Joakim von Anka, Farbror Joakims Liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (March 2007)
  • KA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Comments:

    Scrooge goes to Montana where he's hired to guard cattle for Murdo MacKenzie. From MacKenzie he receives his horse, who he names Hortense after his youngest sister. One night an important bull is stolen by the McVipers. In order to get the animal back Scrooge follows the bandits to the Badlands where he meets Theodore Roosevelt for the first time. After some dramatic events Scrooge succeeds in taking back the bull.

    In the American version all weapons pointing at Scrooge are removed or directed to the air (for some reason the same thing didn't happen with the guns in the panels 1-3 on page 3 of "The Empire-builder from Calisota".

    After a request from the Norwegian DD&Co editor Don Rosa included some gag reference to the famous Barks-classic "Lost in the Andes". In the original version of this story as printed throughout Europe, the old man that $crooge meets on the train was supposed to be Rhutt Betler, the "Professah from Bummin'ham", himself. That version went through numerous editors and translators and was published throughout Europe before a single reader wrote to Don Rosa and pointed out that the Old Vicuna Hunter in "Lost in the Andes" told of Prof. Betler "passing into the long sleep". In his official comments, as printed in the Lo$-hardcover book, Don Rosa says that the helpful reader was a Swede. Truth is that this reader is not Swedish at all - he is a famous Norwegian Donaldist. His name is Geir Hasnes and he is living in Trondheim.

    Don Rosa's own comments about this story can be read at Dan Shane's great The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck pages.
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