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   Lo$ part 4: Raider of the Copper Hill
                        (The King of the Copper Hill)

Story code: D 92083

Publisher: Egmont

First Published: January 1993

Pages: 15

Versions: Single-part version only

Plot and story: Don Rosa

Art and ink: Don Rosa

Story-type: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck, Chapter 4

Chronology: This story takes place in the period 1883-1885.

Characters: Scrooge McDuck | Hortense (Scrooge's horse) | Howard Rockerduck | John D. Rockerduck | Murdo MacKenzie (Scrooge's boss)

Locations: Anaconda (Montana) | New York

D.U.C.K.-dedication: The dedication is in the light-bulb filament.

Kongen på kobberhaugen
  • DD&Co 2/1993
  • Skrue Mc Duck's liv og levnet (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (January 2007)
  • DD&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Denmark
    Kobberkongen fra Montana
  • AA&Co 2/1993
  • Joakim von And - Her er dit liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (February 2007)
  • AA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Sweden
    Kobbarbergens konung
  • KA&Co 2/1993
  • Joakim von Anka, Farbror Joakims Liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 16 (March 2007)
  • KA&Co 28/2011, extra 1:3

  • Comments:

    Scrooge goes to Anaconda, Montana where he meets Howard Rockerduck who introduces him to copper mining. But as things goes well Scrooge receives a letter from his parents, who asks him to return to Scotland and help them save the McDuck estate. In this story Scrooge meets John D. Rockerduck for the first time.

    Don Rosa's own comments about this story can be read at Dan Shane's great The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck pages.

    Interesting facts:

    Don Rosa first named this story "King of the Copper Hill", but later changed it into it's final tittle "Raider of the Copper Hill" because he wanted to name chapter VIII "The King of the Klondike", but didn't want to reuse the "King" moniker.
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