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   Lo$ part 8: The King of the Klondike
                        (The Argonaut of White Agony Creek)

Story code: D 92514

Publisher: Egmont

First Published: July 1993

Pages: 24

Versions: Both single-part and serialized versions.

Plot and story: Don Rosa

Art and ink: Don Rosa

Story-type: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck, Chapter 8

Chronology: This story takes place from 1896 to 1897.

Characters: Scrooge McDuck | Glittering Goldie O'Gilt | Soapy Slick | Casey Coot | Downy O'Drake (mentioned) | Fergus McDuck (mentioned) | Matilda McDuck (mentioned) | Hortense McDuck (mentioned) | Wyatt Earp

Locations: Skagway (Alaska) | Dawson (Yukon, Canada) | White Agony Creek (Klondike)

D.U.C.K.-dedication: The dedication is in the rocks in the photo of White Agony Creek.

  • DD&Co 29-31/1993
  • Skrue Mc Duck's liv og levnet (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 20 (September 2007)
  • DD&Co 29/2011, extra 2:3

  • Denmark
    Kongen af Klondike
  • AA&Co 29-31/1993
  • Joakim von And - Her er dit liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 20 (October 2007)
  • AA&Co 29/2011, extra 2:3

  • Sweden
    En argonaut i Klondike
  • KA&Co 29-31/1993
  • Joakim von Anka, Farbror Joakims Liv (hardcover)
  • Walt Disney's Hall of Fame, vol 20 (September 2007)
  • KA&Co 29/2011, extra 2:3

  • Comments:

    Scrooge borrows some money from Soapy Slick in order to go to Dawson, Youkon. In Dawson he meets Glittering Goldie O'Gilt for the first time. Later he also meets Casey Coot for the first time. Then he goes to White Agony Creek where he finally discovers the Goose Egg Nugget.

    Don Rosa's own comments about this story can be read at Dan Shane's great The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck pages.

    Interesting facts:

    Don Rosa first named this story "The Argonaut of White Agony Creek", but later changed it into it's final tittle "The King of the Klondike". After that he also renamed chapter IV into "Raider of the Copper Hill" to avoid reusing the "King" moniker.
    This story was the story for which Don Rosa did both a single-part and a serial version.

    In the American version the bullet hole in the forehead of the man in the picture on the wall (in panel 2 on page 4) was removed.

    Go to AC Sivebæk's The two worlds of Don Rosa to see the difference between the two versions of this story.
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