Donald Duck Family Tree

The clan McDuck

The Duck family

The Coot kin
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   Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree in multiple editions:

Code: Title: Year:

D 11221 Donald Duck Family Tree (American) 1995
D 11221 Anders And & Co Stamtræ (Danish) 1994
HC DD1995-23P Donald Duck stamboomposter (Dutch) 1995
D 11221 Aku Ankan Sukupuu (Finnish) 1994
D 11221 Une famille en or! (French) 1996
D 11221 Stammbaum der Ducks (German) 1994
D 11221 To genealogiko dendro twn ntak (Greek) 1996
D 11221 La famiglia dei paperi (Italian) 1996
D 11221 Donald Duck & Co Stamtre (Norwegian) 1993
D 11221 Drzewo genealogiczne Kaczora Donalda (Polish) 1996
D 11221 Kalle Ankas Släktträd (Swedish) 1994

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