Donald Duck & Co Stamtre (NO)

Title: Donald Duck & Co Stamtre (NO)

Year: 1993

Code: D 11221 (XSC 94-01X)

  • Verdens Gang, July 3rd 1993 (without the sidebar).
  • Donald Duck & Co 27/1993 (with stickers in the next 7 issues).
  • Donald Duck & Co 44/1995
  • "Skrue McDuck's Liv og Levnet" (hardcover, 1997), facsimile.
  • Poster used as a premium for quick subscribers of "De komplette
     årgangene" (books with reprints of old DD&Co magazines), 1998.

  • On-line version:

    Donald Duck & Co Stamtre (NO)
    Donald Duck & Co Stamtre (NO)

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    All appearances:

    Ole Duck, Dole Duck, Doffen Duck, ? Duck, Della Duck, Donald Duck, Fetter Anton, Klodrik Duck, Stokkstein Duck, Guffen, Penny McDuck, Skrue McDuck, Lillegull McDuck, Didrik Duck, Onkel Andrik, Dora Duck, Lulla Lom, Eddy Duck, Casi Kvakk, Gunnar Gås, Fetter Anders, Myra McDuck, Fergus McDuck, Jakob McDuck, Angus McDuck, Hilmar Duck, Bestemor Duck, Konrad Kvakk, Gretchen Gans, MicMac McDuck, Dunstus McDuck, Solveig Stokkand, Gjertrud Kvakk, Clinton Kvakk, Grev Buk McJern, Hertug McGorien McDuck, Kaptein Skrue, Hannibal McDuck, Hertug Kvakkesen McDuck, Grev Buk McJern den tyngre, Grev McSkrammel, Sortebill Duck, Kornelius Kvakk.

    Sidebar (Venner av familien):
    Dolly Duck, Hetti Duck, Letti Duck, Netti Duck, Petter Smart.

    McDuck-Klanen, Duck-Familien, Kvakk-Slekten.

    Hertug McGorien McDuck  is the name for "Sir Swamphole McDuck" in the Norwegian version, while Hertug McGorien von And  is the name for "Sir Stuft McDuck" in the Danish version.

    Besides the name Clinton which refers to US-president Clinton, the Norwegian version also has it's own political link because the name Casi seems to be a reference to the Norwegian politician Casi Kullman Five.

    Standard Egmont coloring - including blond hair for Donalds' mother, Hortense McDuck.

    Includes the sidebar.

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